The Smell of Comfort 安慰的香味

嗅觉和味觉一样,都能锁住我们的记忆。一天早上,出门的时候,飘来了一股淡淡的香味,不是饭香,是拜神烧香的香味。顿时心头涌上来一阵安慰,一种非常亲切的感觉。 Continue reading The Smell of Comfort 安慰的香味


Trust Changes You 让信改变你

I almost never re-read a book in its entirety, referencing certain memorable quotes, yes, but re-read the entire book, never. This is the first book I ever re-read. It is a short book of 77 pages (maybe that’s why I re-read it!), containing the message of Trust, Faith and Hope. Such difficult subjects are incredibly delivered in the easiest way to understand. It is so … Continue reading Trust Changes You 让信改变你