About Me


I’m a very very very simple person. I think life should not be complicated and should be as simple as possible, so we can enjoy the important things in life.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible and no simpler.” ~ Albert Einstein

Born into a middle class Chinese family in the 1970s Malaysia. Grew up in the famous satay town Kajang and educated in the local Chinese schools. Childhood was too simple.

Left home at 20 for further studies in Perth, Australia and life has never been the same again, the journey of adulthood begun. Graduated in 1997 and returned home in the midst of Asian Financial Crisis, but was blessed with a job which took me around the world. Will be forever grateful to my 1st boss for the trust and the chance to expand my horizon.

Returned to graduate school in Brisbane, Australia after the dotCom bubble burst. Studies took a different perspective. Graduated in 2002 and returned home to Iraq War and the SARS pandemic.

Daisypath Anniversary Years TickerMarried in 2003 to my wonderful husband and live the fairy tale life of happily ever after (so far), as well as huge financial commitments and more responsibilities. 😉

I am a workaholic and love to be productive, always love a challenge to brighten the day. I’m vocal about my opinions but always welcome a different view. Never quite understand why people stay the same and refused to improve. Absolutely hate office politics and believed that I can create a workplace that is fair and conducive for growth and achievements. Tackling the corporate ladder one step at a time. Wish to have a desk bound job but without success. Adding more airports to my list of travels.

I am a person of faith, environmentally conscious and support charities which work to better others’ lives, especially children. I love to read, in specific leadership and history. Occasional soap drama addict. Photography and travel are the two biggest enjoyment in life that compliment each other. My favourite thing is photo frame, naturally.

As life approach halftime, life has pushed me to embark on a self discovery journey again, getting to know myself better, deeper and molding myself into someone I will admire and proud of, as well as seeking answers the question “how to live an even more exciting life?” I want to live on my own terms and be true to myself, my values and my beliefs.

Writing and keeping a blog is just for my own personal enjoyment and reminder, my opinion is entirely my own and is not absolute, feel free to disagree. 🙂